Advanced Cleaning Techniques Benefit Our Patients


Retaining the natural dentition of our patients is the ultimate goal because our profession recognizes that there is no substitute for the real thing. To that end, conserving tooth structure during the root canal procedures is important to avoid weakening of the root and potential tooth fractures. Recent scientific improvements in material science has provided us a revolutionary advancement in root canal therapy through an instrument called TruShape 3D Conforming Files (Dentsply Inc.).

Due to their decreasing taper and unique shape, these instruments remove less of the tooth during use as compared to standard file instruments.  The instrument has a proprietary shape that resembles an “S”, which gives the file a unique ability to flex within the canal during rotation, allowing it to conform to complex canal anatomy. Since it contacts a higher percentage of the canal wall, more bacteria are removed by the disruption of their home or “biofilm”. The super elastic properties of this instrument can adapt to different canal shapes by flattening in small, narrow parts of the canal while expanding into wider more ribbon shaped areas.

TruShape files are designed for use by endodontic specialists and training is required prior to utilizing the instruments in a clinical setting. We are excited to offer our patients the benefits of treatment with this cutting edge technology as it offers a truly unique advancement in root canal therapy.