Referral Recommendations

To help us achieve a more seamless transition of your patients to our office, we recommend the following;

  • Our referral form can be filled out online and securely submitted through this website. A PDF form is also available for download if you prefer to fax or mail it to our office.
  • Please fill out the form as completely as possible to help us in serving your patients needs.
  • We appreciate your information! Please advise us of recent restorative work and any future treatment plans for the teeth we will be evaluating. We want to reinforce the recommendations you have for your patient.
  • Please mention any special patient needs such as; patient anxiety, sedation requests, past dental experiences, premedication, allergies, and other medical issues that would help us better treat your patient.
  • Sending current x-rays of the teeth to be evaluated are helpful. We can scan x-ray films and import x-ray images that have been e-mailed to our office directly into our digital x-ray system. Our online referral form has a place to attach your radiographs when submitting your online referral.
  • The best patient follow-through tends to happen when patients are scheduled while still in your office. To meet your patient needs, we may ask to speak with them directly while they are with you. This helps to provide information to them and help find the best fit for them and their busy schedule.
  • We understand that communication is key for seamless patient referrals. Please feel free to phone or email our office to discuss treatment prior to your patients appointment. The more information we have the better we can serve both you and your patient!