Dr. Samyn Hosts CE Night for Dentists and Staff


Kristin & Dr. Samyn

Last Thursday Dr. Jeff Samyn and Northshore Endodontics hosted an evening of continuing education for local dentists.  The guest speaker, Kristin Pelletier, spoke on communication with patients and helping them get the care that they need.  Unfortunately, patients can become overwhelmed if they have several dental issues they are dealing with.  Helping patients understand what is in their best interest dentally and from a health standpoint can help alleviate their stress.  Coming up with a treatment game plan that is comfortable from a financial standpoint also helps them receive their needed dental care.  Thank you to all of the dentists and staff who made this night a success.  We know you will take some of Kristin’s pearls and put them to use in your office to benefit your patients.






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Jeffrey Samyn, DDS, MSD
Northshore Endodontics