Frequently Asked Questions

Your dentist has decided that your tooth needs special care and has referred you to an endodontist. As an endodontist, Dr. Elena has advanced training to save teeth with deep decay or cracks, abscessed teeth, and even teeth that have been traumatized. She can also diagnose oral and facial pain and perform surgical procedures when necessary. She is specialized in treating complicated cases such as teeth with narrow or blocked canals or unusual anatomy. Dr. Elena uses advanced technology, including the operating microscope, ultrasonics and digital imaging to help perform these special services. By referring you to a specialist, your dentist is showing a personal concern for the quality of your dental care.

What is Endodontics

What causes a tooth to need endodontic treatment (root canal)?

What are the signs I may need endodontic treatment?

How many appointments will my endodontic treatment take?

Will I have pain during or after this procedure?

What do I need to do after my root canal is complete?

How long will my tooth last after endodontic treatment?

What are the alternatives to endodontic treatment?

What is endodontic retreatment?

When is surgical treatment needed?


What if I choose not to treat my tooth?

I'm worried about x-rays. Should I be?

What about infection?

What happens after treatment?

What new technologies are being used?