Patient Testimonials

“I had always thought my teeth were supposed to hurt when I had work done.  This was the frist time I didn’t feel it while the dentist was working!”
—Dave D.

“Thank you for taking care of my needs! (Yeah I’m a big baby.)”
—Connie L.

“My compliments to each and every one of you at Northshore Endodontics. I not only appreciated the quick and fast response to scheduling me on short notice, but the total professionalism, friendliness, and comfort shown was well worth my visit to the office. If I have to have another root canal, I will definitely be returning. Thank you!”
—Agnes O.

“You not only cured my problem, but you educated me as well.”
—Pat H.

“Thank you for taking such good care of our patients. Thanks for seeing them so quickly, patients are happy with your entire office & team.”
—Dr. Dave K. DDS

“I am doing great after my root canal, no pain at all! I was impressed with your elegant technology. You have taken it to a whole new level. I will certainly recommend you to anyone needing this treatment.”
—Kathy B.

“Thanks again. I can chew without pain and there is no more sensitivity with cold!”
—Jim E.

“By the time I reached your office I was completely terrified, and in severe pain. You and your staff were the answer to my prayers. I appreciate that you, and all of your staff were very professional and compassionate.”
—Diana P.

“I wanted to thank you and your staff for all your help. You were very patient & caring. It’s nice to meet someone who loves their job. I will refer friends and family.”
—Tawny S.

“I would like to thank you for taking care of my tooth problem. I have had a great deal of work done in my life by a lot of different dentists, and have had some real bad experiences. You are the best I have ever been to and I really appreciate your professionalism and technique. You are excellent and I would recommend you highly to anyone. Thank you for making my treatment a pleasant experience.”
—Sandie W.

“Your office has restored my faith in dentistry.”
—Gail H.

“I really value our professional relationship and your skilled care. You are always my endodontist of first choice!!”
—Dr. Brian R. DDS

“I was highly impressed by your technical expertise and the calm confidence you displayed during my visit. You are definitely in the right profession! Please convey my gratitude to your staff for the friendly and warm way they went about dealing with me. Believe me, they did much to alleviate my anxiety, discomfort and fear of the unknown. It’s much appreciated! Thanks Again”
—Bill O.

“I’ve sung your praises to friends and colleagues. I’m extraordinarily grateful.”
—Ellen U

“I appreciate the professionalism and the wonderful personalities in your office. Easiest procedure I’ve ever been through.”
—David H.

“You are providing a great service. The most pleasant dental visit I’ve ever had.”
—Robert H.

“I appreciate the excellent care you and your staff have given our referred patients, and the timeliness with which you are able to see them- especially when in need of urgent care. I have nothing but positive feedback from all our patients and the quality of your work is, needless to say, quite excellent. I look forward to continuing having someone of your abilities and concern for my patients who I can count on.”
—Dr. Nick. S. DDS

“Thank you so much for the positive experience. I am doing extremely well. I really enjoyed the movie and it really was better having a root canal than being at work!”
—Tracy C.

“I want to thank you for my excellent care. I, for all my fears and the ones others gave me, did very well with no pain from my root canal. I can’t thank you enough, Dr., for the call that evening. I felt finally someone cares who they’re taking care of. It was deeply appreciated. Your staff was so dear-nice. Thank You and God Bless. PS I found your work ethics excellent and was very impressed. I felt very safe. I will let my dentist know you are the Best!!”
—Janet Z.