What Doctors Have Said

“I have always valued your skills as an endodontist, which were superior in outcome compared to the other endodontists I have worked with.

I have the highest respect for your abilities and professionalism.”
—Dr. Greg G. DDS

“I can count on my patients feeling much better after your treatment and that the work done will last. You are excellent about addressing any patient and treatment concerns. I know you always do your best for each of my patients.

You do a great job in connecting with the patient and “taking care” of them. Many doctors do not take the time to hear the whole story of patient (wants, finances, emotional state etc…) as you and your team do.”
—Dr. John H. DDS

“Patients say that you are just a really nice person, and you are. You instill confidence and put my patients at ease. People need honesty and integrity to grasp a hold of these days and your office reflects this ethic so strongly. We appreciate your excellent care of our patients when they are under your care.”
—Dr. Gerald B. DDS

“Your diagnostic skills are the best in town. I know if treatment is not needed that it won’t be done. Your confidence and sense of humor is very relaxing to our patients.

What sets your treatment apart from other specialists is its long term success and beautiful quality of work. I see it working daily. Others aren’t as consistent. It comes with smarts and your attention to detail.”
—Dr. Lisa E. DDS

“My patients have always felt cared for and treated with exquisite skill. I love that you give back to others, you’re not the “typical doctor”. You have my absolute respect.”
—Dr. Edward D. DDS

“You are kind to my patients and always offer profound numbing and a thorough diagnosis.   I love how you treat them with respect, comfort, convenience & quality. Your authentic, likeable, down to earth and relate well with patients.”
—Dr Wendy C. DDS.

“Thank you for taking such good care of our patients. Thanks for seeing them so quickly, patients are happy with your entire office & team.”
—Dr. Dave K. DDS

“I really value our professional relationship and your skilled care. You are always my endodontist of first choice!!”
—Dr. Brian R. DDS

“I appreciate the excellent care you and your staff have given our referred patients, and the timeliness with which you are able to see them- especially when in need of urgent care. I have nothing but positive feedback from all our patients and the quality of your work is, needless to say, quite excellent. I look forward to continuing having someone of your abilities and concern for my patients who I can count on.”
—Dr. Nick S. DDS