Northshore Endodontics Hosts a Night of Continuing Education


Dr. Jeff Samyn

As part of his commitment to educating patients and the community Dr. Samyn hosted a continuing education event for local dentists recently.  The topic was on patient information security and reviewed the latest HIPAA guidelines.  “This is a major area of concern these days and we as dentists must raise the bar and keep our patients safe and secure” Dr. Samyn said.  Our speaker was Terre Harris who is the CEO of Harris Biomedical, one of the country’s leading compliance consultants.  He has nearly thirty years of experience in the regulatory field and has prepared WISHA and HIPAA compliance programs for nearly 6000 dental practices across the country.


Dr. Samyn with Mr. Harris

During the presentation, dentists were made aware of the most recent regulations and offered suggestions on what is required to make sure they are in compliance.  Things like encryption of email, computer passwords, and securing computer networks were discussed.  Please note that we make it a practice at Northshore Endodontics to only send patient reports and information to referring doctors using secure encrypted e-mail services.  This was we can be assured no one can intercept and read your personal health information.

Overall this was a great night of information, food and connecting with local dentists.  We want to thank all of you who participated in making this event a hit!


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Dr. Jeffrey Samyn
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