Root Canal Awareness Week 2018 at Dr. Samyn’s Office


It’s Root Canal Awareness Week, a time when we remind patients that despite their persistently negative reputation, root canals aren’t what they used to be.  Not only are they less painful for patients, but advanced technology allows endodontic specialists like Dr. Samyn to save more teeth.  Technology is allowing us to treat and save more difficult cases.  With the use of the dental operating microscope and narrow field CT scans, we can establish a better treatment plan and have a more complete picture of our patient’s situation.  Bioceramic sealing materials allow for a better, biocompatible seal compared to older sealer materials and it also increases bone growth!  New instruments offer better cleaning of the canal space and allow Dr. Samyn’s procedures to be less invasive which provides for stronger, more durable teeth for our patients.  After all, keeping healthy teeth for a lifetime is the main goal. So join us in spreading the awareness that root canals aren’t what they used to be.


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