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Dr. Samyn’s Office Celebrates Root Canal Awareness Week

Happy Root Canal Awareness Week! It’s Root Canal Awareness Week, a time when we remind patients that despite their persistently negative reputation, root canals aren’t what they used to be.  Not only are they less painful for patients, but advanced technology allows endodontic specialists like Dr. Samyn to save more teeth.  Technology is allowing us to treat […]

Northshore Endodontics Hosts a Night of Continuing Education

Dr. Jeff Samyn As part of his commitment to educating patients and the community Dr. Samyn hosted a continuing education event for local dentists recently.  The topic was on patient information security and reviewed the latest HIPAA guidelines.  “This is a major area of concern these days and we as dentists must raise the bar and […]

Root Canal Awareness Week 2015: Saving Your Natural Teeth

Did you know this week is Root Canal Awareness Week? In its ninth year, Root Canal Awareness Week is a nationwide effort to encourage patients who need a root canal to see an endodontist to save their natural teeth.  Root canal treatment has come a long way since its earliest days in the 1800s.  Today, […]

Dr. Samyn and Northshore Endodontics Celebrate 20 Years

Dr. Samyn recently celebrated his 20th year in specialty practice since founding Northshore Endodontics. The event was held at Kenmore Air which was fitting since our office treatment rooms overlook this dynamic air harbor. This was a special afternoon spent enjoying shared moments with our referring doctors and their teams. Our practice exists because of the […]

Can red wine fight cavities?

Red wine, we know it has antioxidants.  We know it stains your teeth, but do we know if it helps fight cavities?, possibly.  A new study, published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, showed that in a lab setting, red wine was able to reduce or remove dental disease-causing bacteria in bacteria-ridden biofilm […]

Evidence of Enamel Damage from BPA Exposure

Over the last few years we have been hearing more about the effects and prevalence of BPA (bisphenol A).  It looks as though teeth may be the latest victims.  A research team led by Ariane Berdal of the Universite Paris-Diderot and Sylvie Babajko has shown that the teeth of rats were damaged with low daily […]

Dr. Jeffrey Samyn and the Northshore Endodontics Team Attend PNDC

Wendy, Heidi & Dr. Samyn Last week we had the opportunity to attend the Pacific Northwest Dental Conference which is held locally each year. As a root canal specialist, our patients and referring dentists rely on myself and the Northshore Endodontics team to be at the top of their game. We had the opportunity to […]